[READ] : Don Jazzy’s Hat Of Three Feathers

I have been watching @DonJazzy from a distance for
a while now and I have also grown to love him more.

I’ve read a couple of his interviews post Mo’Hits and I
have noticed that he has never been too harsh in
describing D’banj or their past business relationship.
From the sideline as a non-entertainment industry
player, I kept praying for the MAVIN to prove Don
Jazzy the better party.
Few months ago, D’banj’s camp sent out a message
about his endorsement to Etisalat, I was angry and
jealous, I mean why will a big brand like that waste
money by signing a dying brand? I kept wondering if
the corporate department of the network were not
ashamed to pick up where GLO Stopped.

However, when I read on the blogs that Etisalat did
not sign him, I had a mini party at home with my wife
and 2 beautiful girls.

I kept praying for Don Jazzy to do something new or
even sign a new artiste to replace D’banj and once
again prove that his beats made D’banj and not the
other way round.
My prayers weren’t answered as the blogs started
with the rumours of Wande Coal leaving MAVIN.

I didn’t know where or how to confirm it, I opened a
tab on my tweet deck for Don Jazzy and kept
monitoring it to see if he would confirm the rumors,
He never said anything to deny or confirm it but still I
kept waiting .

I didn’t have to wait for long for my prayers to be
answered as earlier tonight, I saw a tweet from Don
Jazzy confirming that he has been signed as an
Ambassador by MTN. I was over joyed and I quickly
called my in law at the corporate affairs’ department
at MTN to confirm if the really endorsed Don Jazzy
and he said yes “ He was endorsed for N100Million
while D’Prince was endorsed for N30Million.

Right now, I’m overjoyed and don’t really care if
Wande Coal leaves or not, I mean Don Jazzy is the
only Producer in Africa that he been endorsed by
three different brands. It’s outstanding and worthy of

Some days, I listen to the old D’banj’s music and
remember the times every club plays at the least 15
Don Jazzy produced songs every night.

Don Jazzy may not know me, Don Jazzy has only
retweeted me once but I follow him because he’s my
role model. Let me ask him, how does it feel calling
Onome on your MTN Line, watching Samsung TV and
drinking Loya Milk?

We should learn to celebrate our own.

Congratulation to Don Jazzy and D’prince, More
feathers to your caps.
Godwin Onwuka,


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