Music: DAVIDO paid FessorNELSON for Skelewu iCOVER

Not quite long ago when the whole internet traffic load towards skelewu video by davido (directed by sesan), the massive download of the video gave it more hype and reason for controversy when davido posted that is not the official video.

The allegation that Sesan released the video on air was another big issue but Sesan eventually replied that davido was just too immature for that kind of allegation.
We are already seeing pictures from Moe Musa’s London location and we believe that’s the end of the controversy.

I never believe Skelewu’s video issue and its controversy is going to be as big as this until i came across this song on the internet “Skelewu’s iCover” by a fast rising Nigerian artist called Fessor Nelson.

Our source told us Fessor Nelson was paid a huge amount of money to do the song following the “flop-job” from Sesan.

But let’s take a good look at the skelewu Video by Sesan,its not Bad, We are still waiting for the result from Moe Musa london location.

“Na the Camera cause kasala”….. Fessor Nelson proceed on the song.

Listen to the song yourself

Download Skelewu iCover by Fessor Nelson.

We are still waiting for a word from Fessor Nelson and Davido himself.



One thought on “Music: DAVIDO paid FessorNELSON for Skelewu iCOVER

  1. i think davido is being immature sesan is one of best directors in africa he call his job a flop job.but the video was good.i dont know wat davido want lets wait for mr moe musa and see his work

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